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Trabzon Uzungol Tour

Trabzon City

Sumela Monaryery


Ayder Yaylasi


TRABZON CITY:Atatürk Mansion (When Atatürk visited the city, where he stayed), Ayasafya Museum (Famous for its frescos, 13th century Byzantine church), Boztepe (The hill you can find best panoramic view of the city), covered market.

SUMELA MONARYERY:The monastery was founded in 386 during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius (375 - 395). It is 1.150 metres above sea level, and 300 metres high from the valley. The main parts of the monastery; Rock Church, chapels, kitchens, student rooms, library and the spring which is believed to be sacred.

UZUNGOL:Which is 1.090 metres above sea level leaves the Alps behind with its cliffs and splendid forest. The lake which is formed by landslide making the stream bed to become a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream is called ‘Uzungöl’. In the mountains of around the lake, bears, wolves, wild goat, foxes and wild boars lives. AYDER YAYLASI:Ayder is a plateau in Rize Province. It is 1.350 metres high and surrounded with palm trees. Ayder is like a heaven with its waterfall, plateau houses, flowers, honey which is made up of a wide range of flowers and healing spa water.

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